This entity in Flowlu is Company or Contact. Accounts can be your customers, suppliers, partners, competitors etc.
Account can has different types (Company - 1 or Contact - 2). Each account can has relations (Relations entity) to other accounts (contact person in some company or companies). Also you can link to account tasks, leads, events, projects invoices and other entities.

The account can be merged with others (if duplicates found). When account is merged, field merge_to contains id of entry in which current was merged.


Field Type Description
General fields
id Integer Entry id
type Integer Account type:
  • Organization = 1
  • Contact = 2
name String Name (title) for Organization
description Text Account description (or note)
active Boolean (Integer 0 or 1) Default value: 1
merged_to Integer id of entry in which current account was merged
owner_id Integer Owner user id
Classification Fields
industry_id Integer id of entry in Industries table
account_category_id Integer id of entry in Account Categories table
Contact Details
name_legal String Legal name for Organizations
name_legal_full Text Full legal name for Organizations
phone String Primary phone number
phone2 String Additional phone number
phone3 String Additional phone number
email String Email
email_personal String Personal email
web String Website url
icq String ICQ id
skype String Skype account id
link_google String Link to Google+ account
link_facebook String Link to Facebook account
link_vk String Link to account
link_linkedin String Link to LinkedIn account
Financial Fields
vat String Account VAT (or TAX ID)
vat1 String Additional Account VAT (or TAX ID)
vat2 String Additional Account VAT (or TAX ID)
bank_details Text Bank Details text
country String Country
state String State, Region
city String City
zip String ZIP code
address_line_1 Text Address Line 1
address_line_2 String Address Line 2
address_line_3 String Address Line 3
Shipping Address
shipping_country String Country
shipping_state String State, Region
shipping_city String City
shipping_zip String ZIP code
shipping_address_line_1 Text Address Line 1
shipping_address_line_2 String Address Line 2
shipping_address_line_3 String Address Line 3
Billing Address
billing_country String Country
billing_state String State, Region
billing_city String City
billing_zip String ZIP code
billing_address_line_1 Text Address Line 1
billing_address_line_2 String Address Line 2
billing_address_line_3 String Address Line 3
System Service Fields
ref String Name of the import source of the object (system, etc.)
ref_id Integer UUID in the system from where the import was made.
honorific_title_id Integer Honorific title for Contact
first_name String Contact first name
middle_name String Contact middle (second) name
last_name String Contact last name
changed_date Date -
address Text Array
address_legal Text Array



curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d {"type":1,"name":"String"}<api_key>


curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d {"type":1,"name":"String"}<api_key>


curl -X GET<api_key>


curl -X GET<api_key>


curl -X GET<api_key>