What's New

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Updates In 2018


External Knowledge Base (Flowlu Guide)

New useful knowledge base that lets you quickly create and share a help center for your customers in additional to your company's internal knowledge base.

Online Payments For Invoices

Now you're able to invoice your customers and get payments online through following payment systems:

  • PayPal
  • Cloudpayments
  • Skrill

Incoming & Outgoing Webhooks

Icoming Webhooks are a type of integration that makes it easy to post data from outside sources into Flowlu.
Outgoing webhooks will send an HTTP POST request to your specified URL, hence to an outside system, where this data can be processed.

General Bug Fixes & UI Improvements

A lot of bugs, that our users reported are fixed.

Updates In 2017


Google Services Integration

Now you’re able to log in Flowlu using your Google account (available in desktop and mobile apps). Just go to your profile page and connect your Google account on Linked services page!

Updated Project Manager's Boards

You're able to manage workload of your team using kanban board where displayed project managers (as columns) and their projects (as cards).

Updated Export To CSV & XLS

Custom fields now enabled in CSV & XLS export.


Added New Custom Field Types

Added following field types:

  • Dropdown list
  • Multiple dropdown list
  • Link to another records list

Released IOS Mobile App!

Woo-hoo! Now you're able to download Flowlu app for IOS


Brand New UI In Flowlu

We changed everything! Work now is easier! Flowlu is much faster! Friendly UI and many useful features!


Added Sub Tasks For Agile & Issue Tracker

You're able to create a multiple sub tasks for issue in Agile & Issue Tracker App.


Added Reports Module

Now you can find all reports in single page.


Released Android Mobile App

Woo-hoo! Now you're able to download Flowlu app for Android


Released API v.1.0.

We just added API for CRM objects and soon we will extend it for whole modules.


Released Internal Knowledge Base App

Now your company Knowledge in a single place. Share knowledge with your team and increase efficiency of your business!


Released Agile & Issue Tracker

Ship your product early and often using Agile Project Management App


Released Mind Maps App

Now you're able to use powerful Mind Mapping Tool for your projects planning, brain storming. Convert your ideas into projects!


Hello World!

Hi there!
We are Flowlu team!
Our Cloud based app will able you to manage your tasks and projects, invoice your customers, collaborate with your team!

Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups