Recording Invoice Payments

Read this step if you plan to track the invoice cashflow in the system.


Before recording the invoice payments, in the settings of Finance module, you need to create finance items and organizations' bank accounts. In the section System settingsFinanceMain Settings check the box Create an incoming payment to the bank account of the organization. After this, when recording the invoice payment, the window for creating the invoice transaction opens automatically.

Please note: If you use online payment, then in order to create the invoice transaction, you must first delete the online transaction (in invoice, on the Transactions tab).

You can create incoming invoice payments in the invoice itself or in the Payments Received section

Payment recording in the invoice

Payment recording in the Payments Received section

Creating Payment in the Invoice

Fill in the Create transaction form:

Enter here the necessary data:

● charges;

● reference;

● financial item;

● bank account or cash account;

● note (any additional details).

You can specify a partial amount of payment. In this case, the account status will be marked as Partially paid.

The history of all transactions will be displayed in the invoice on the corresponding tab:

Received invoice payment and charges will be recorded in transactions.

How to Apply Payment Into Several Invoices

In case when the customer made payment for several services at once, you can quickly split the received amount into several invoices issued to this customer.

To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Go to the Payments received section. 
  • Click the Record Payment button.

in the opened side-panel select the payer, specify the Amount received, bank account and other payment details. At the bottom of the panel, you will see all awaiting payment invoices for this customer.

  • Split the received payment. To do this, in the Payment column specify the amount or click on the link Pay in Full.
  • In the Payments received list, it will be displayed to which invoices the payment was distributed.

    In transactions, an appropriate number of payments will be created, separately for each invoice.