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External Users Roles

If you have the external users functionality, it is recommended to preset the access rights for external users in the corresponding tab in the Client Portal module.

Create a New Role

To create a new role for external users, go to Client PortalExternal Users Roles and click New Role.

Enter the name and description (optional) for your role. The description should be clear for anyone using this role, so they can see exactly what it allows users to do in Flowlu.

You can also specify the expiry date to indicate until what time and date the external user will have access to this role.

Specify the access rights for each of the modules. External users can access the following modules:

  • CRM (to their CRM account card);
  • Tasks;
  • Projects;
  • Knowledge Base;
  • Invoices and estimates.

In the "Permissions" tab for each of the mentioned above modules, you can set up:

  • View fields. Here you can specify the fields that will be displayed to an external user in projects, tasks, CRM account, etc.
  • View relations. Here you can set up whether an external user will see the assignee or the owner of the task, at what stage the project is, etc.
  • Available actions. An external user can leave comments, create tasks, convert the estimate into an invoice, etc.
  • External user notifications. An external user can be notified when certain changes are made to the corresponding project or task, etc.
      You can associate an external with several roles at once. If a rule conflicts, then the rule that allows a specific action will be taken into account. For example, an external user is associated with two roles at the same time: Freelancers and Clients. If the option to create tasks is enabled for the Freelancers role and disabled for the Clients role, then this user will have this option enabled.

      Do not forget to mark the role as active if you want to start using it.

      Edit/Delete Role

      If you want to edit role settings, go to the list of all roles and click on the appropriate role.

      In the opened window:

      • change the role activity;
      • define access rights for specific items;
      • complete the description;
      • edit access rights to the modules;
      • add or delete users.

      To delete a role, go to the list of all roles and check the box next to the appropriate role or check several if necessary. Click a trash can icon at the bottom of the list and confirm that you want to delete the role.

      Move/Remove Users

      You can delete or change a role for an individual user:

      • on the external user page;

      • in the list of created roles in the "External Users Roles" tab.
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