Flowlu Powerful Features

Flowlu features can help to jump-start your collaboration efforts. It’s super easy to use & free plans available!
Professional tools and apps for collaboration in one single place.


Online CRM

Easily manage new sales opportunities and sales funnels, track interaction with your customers, plan new activities and store your email communication in one single place.

Project Management Tools

Project Management

Track your project progress, prioritize tasks and re-plan whenever necessary. Easily forecast project revenue, calculate costs and monitor overall project profitability.


Task Management

Convert your ideas into tasks, assign them to the teammates, quickly take a look at what’s done, measure and analyze time spent on each task and improve your productivity.

Collaboration Tools & Apps

Collaboration Tools

Resolve questions in real-time via chat, collaborate on your records in comments, always stay up to date by getting notified on relevant updates.


Financial Management

Maintain all financial records in one single place, visualize your data using graphs, have better insights on where you spent more and where you need to catapult revenue growth!

Invoicing Software

Online Invoicing

We have made it incredibly easy to invoice your clients. Send professional invoices within seconds, get paid online, automate your billing and impress your customers.​

Agile & Issue Tracker

Agile Project Management

Deliver the desired product to the customers without delay, easily prioritize issues, bring maximum value to your clients.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Create an easy-to-navigate knowledge base to capture your team's most valuable information and organize it into a shared knowledge hub.

Mind Maps

Mind Maps

Discover new insights with your team, create as many mind maps as you wish, brainstorm and keep ideas, define them into projects, grow your business without limits.