Flowlu Powerful Features

Flowlu features can help to jump-start your collaboration efforts. It’s super easy to use & free plans available!
Professional tools and apps for collaboration all-in-one place.


Online CRM

We understand that making more sales is of paramount importance to your business, so our sales platform puts you at the same level with the fastest growing companies in the world by processing many deals in lesser time.

Project Management Tools

Online Project Management

The competition and business operating speed increase constantly. Stay on top of the competition and keep all your projects under control. Stay focused on your business’s goals.


Team Online Task Management

Tasks in Flowlu is all about keeping your to-do’s organized and in one place. On a profound level, tasks in Flowlu can be a great tool of assigning tasks to team members, linking to a project you can add files and comments to them.

Collaboration Tools & Apps

Online Collaboration Tools

Flowlu has a platform with an internal messenger system that conveys notifications and instant messages! Conversation is the best way to start collaboration on a task or a document.


Online Finance Management

Flowlu presents you with tools that lets you improve your Cash Flow using powerful reporting, have better insights on where you spent more and where you need to catapult revenue growth!

Invoicing Software

Online Invoicing

We have made it incredibly easy to invoice your clients, and you can get paid efficiently. Flowlu invoice tools make this process pretty easy; With just a click, you’ll be sending invoices and payment reminders in minutes.

Agile & Issue Tracker

Agile Project Management

Not many tools, one tool. Flowlu Software is built for every member of your software team to plan, track, and release great software.

Knowledge Base

Online Knowledge Base

Flowlu Knowledge base software allows silent knowledge to be captured and promotes efficient knowledge sharing.

Mind Maps

Online Mind Maps

Discover new Ideas with your team, create so many Mind Maps as you want, keep Ideas, define into projects, grow your business limitless

Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups
Automatic Server Backups