How to take a task or return task for resubmission?

After finishing task, if needed, assignee fills in report in the following tab and presses “Complete” button.

Following events occur:

  • assignee’s tasks moves to “Waiting for approval” folder and stays in this folder until owner approves it or resubmits to revision;
  • owner gets notification on the fact that assignee considers his work done and will return to the task in case any objection occurs
  • task moves from “Assigned to” folder to “Needs my approval” folder in owner’s account

Furthermore, task owner is able to:

  • resubmit task to revision (1), commenting on what assignee did wrong;
  • approve task (2);
  • assign a grade - “Good” or “Bad” (3).

Anyway, whether task is approved or not – assignee gets notification on such result.

At the end of the month grades assigned to finished tasks and number of tasks resubmitted to revision form quality indicator.

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