How to Delegate a Task?

A task can be delegated by the person created a task (owner) or the person assigned to implement a task (assignee).

An owner can choose assignees while creating a task or afterwards.

A task can be assigned via Quick task add form. Go to Assigned to the folder and choose an assignee to the left of the field.

In a full task form, a drop-down list of assignees is placed in a role assignment field (Assignee, Observer, Owner) under information on CRM account.

You can also choose an assignee after creating a task by moving the task to Assigned to a folder. Assignee gets a notification on it.

If, for example, the assignee has a heavy workload or is going on vacation and is not able to finish a task on time, he can delegate his task to a colleague. First, you have to push the arrow button:

Next, the owner gets a notification on the assignee change while a new assignee gets a notification on a new task. The previous assignee becomes an observer and stays informed.

All delegated tasks appear in the Assigned to a folder, use filter by Assignee to quickly navigate through a long task list:

Please note: Administrators of the Tasks application may observe the whole task list related to any employee. To observe a task list, choose a user in the sidebar filter to see what tasks he is working on, what tasks are followed or delegated by him, etc.