What Happens After you Create a Task?

An assignee and observers get a notification on the created task. If the user logs off, notification is sent to the e-mail address.

If this function is not required, disable notification in the system settings.

There are two access rights to tasks:

  1. Administrator. This individual has access to all tasks in the CRM account. An administrator is entitled to edit tasks, adjust fields, reassign roles to tasks created by him and by other users.
  2. Employee. This individual has access to tasks he created or is assigned to (observer or assignee).

If a task is assigned to a user with Employee access, this user is not entitled to edit or delete the task or add followers. The employee is entitled to perform the following actions:

  • making checklists and crossing out the boxes.
  • filling-in report on implementation.
  • delegating task if a user fails to implement a task. For example, a user is going on a vacation or does not have enough time to implement a task due to a heavy workload. Arrow button allows the assignee to delegate it to another user. When assignee delegates a task to a colleague, the task owner gets a notification on this adjustment in chat.