How to Complete Task Fields?

This method is very similar to the first one. The only difference is that you have to provide all the information on the task at once. This method suits to those who appreciate precise terms and comprehensiveness while placing a task.

  • You can create a task by clicking the Create button in the top right corner in the Tasks application.
  • In any other application with tasks, e.g.—CRM, Projects, Workspace.
  • You can create a task by clicking Create button in the top menu of any system section:

The full application form will be displayed. Here is how it looks like:

You can set up the same properties as described above in the quick task adding section. Also, you can adjust the task owner and estimate task time.

Moreover, if the task is created by its owner, it is available to adjust the owner of a task. Click on the word Owner to open selection field. After clicking on this field, a drop-down list of employees is displayed. You can adjust to the appropriate employee by typing or using search.

If it is necessary to set implementation time, fill it in the Estimated Time field. If it is necessary to specify minutes, type “m” next to the number. If it is necessary to specify hours, type only numbers. If it is necessary to specify hours and minutes, type numbers through space, for example, 2 - space - 30. Hours and minutes are set up automatically. Save time properties by clicking Enter.

If time tracker is not required, you can disable this option in the settings.

When all fields are filled in and task edit is complete, press the Save button or Enter.

If you want to fill in parameters of an already created task, open the full task form by pressing the Edit button.

You can perform any of the following actions in the Task list:

  1. open detailed task page.
  2. open full task form.
  3. copy external link to clipboard.
  4. delete a task (available for owners and Task application administrators).