Quick Task Creation

This method works for those who prefer to take notes on-the-go. Create a task in one click, describe it or add any further details at any time later.

Go to the Tasks application.

Click on the Enter new task field. Type the name of the task and press enter. Now you've created your task!

  1. name of the future task field
  2. created task in the list

Just click on the task to edit it and add further information—e.g. checklist, assignee, detailed information—and to attach required files to the task. The task will be displayed above the Flowlu interface. You can type the required information in the Information and Extra information tabs.

Information Tab

In this tab, you can find everything you need to complete a task—deadlines, description, checklist, comments, attached files, participants and even more. Let’s have a closer look!

  1. Title. To change the name of the task, just click on the field and fill in the required information. Save changes by clicking outside the task field.
  2. Description. Explain the tasks’ main idea for your CRM account. Provide recommendation on execution. Promise some perks for successful performance or impose a sanction for not performing a task if you please so. 
  3. The checklist is a great solution for complex tasks, that can be split into stages. Divide your task into parts and make sure not to miss a single thing.
  4. Time frame. You can set the start date and deadline.
  5. Paper clip icon helps to attach files: sources, texts, pictures.
  6. Arrow icon delegates task to another assignee.
  7. The two-person icon allows adding followers to the task.
  8. The three-vertical-dots icon allows opening a full task for deleting or editing.
  9. Flowlu system is integrated with Google Drive. You can attach any document from your Google Drive by clicking the corresponding icon.

Every task is set to medium priority by default. You can change the priority of a task by clicking on this field and choosing appropriate priority. High priority immediately appears on assignee’s task list.

After clicking on “+” to the right of Related Project/workspace or CRM account the select settings, where you can find the required project or CRM account will be displayed.

Having chosen thess settings of a task, you can easily find a task by an appropriate project, workspace, CRM account cards.

Add Collaborators button allows you to choose employees who are entitled to help, monitor task implementation, make comments, etc. but who are not responsible for the task. After clicking Add collaborators button, a pop-up window appears where you can choose several employees as collaborators.