Where to View Your Tasks?

Depending on the start date assignee will get tasks in one of the following sections:

  • in Today folder if the start date is set to = Today, or there is no start date and a completion date is set to = Today.
  • in Next folder, if tasks need to be done as soon as possible with a tight deadline.
  • In Tomorrow folder if the start date is set to = Tomorrow, or there is no start date and the completion date is set to = Tomorrow.
  • in the Next 7 days folder if the start date is set not earlier than the day after tomorrow. Or there is no start date and completion date = is set to from extra 2 days to extra 7 days.
  • in Later folder, if the start date is in a week, or there is no start date and completion date = is set to not earlier than in 8 days.
  • in All folder, you will see task list sorted by days.

This function works according to GTD methodology. Find out more on using this methodology in Flowlu in one of the following chapters.

If task time expires, the task will be displayed in the Today folder.

Days left to the deadline (1) are displayed in the Task list to the right. Tasks overdue are displayed in the same area indicating days overdue in red (2). When the deadline is not set to a task, information on a number of days is not displayed.

If the start day is set earlier that the current date, it will be displayed in the list in red (3).

Also, in the Task list, you will see what project, workspace or CRM account (company) it refers to or related to. If Flowlu user has no access to Projects, CRM, Workspaces application, this data will not be provided to such a user.

If you are a task owner, then you can complete the task on your own. For this purpose, mark the checkbox next to the task.

Please note: If you want your colleague to start the task on time, always indicate the start date.

Example: John assigns Alice to a complex task with Tomorrow time frame, but forgets to fill in the start date field. Alice did not see the task in Today folder (it is displayed in Tomorrow folder, as the deadline is set to the start date in such case). Tomorrow comes. Alice notices the task but does not have enough time to implement it. The task is delayed, it does not meet the deadline, Alice is freaking out. Tasks that need to be done tomorrow or today should be created in the Today folder. This way Flowlu users are aware of what needs to be done and are able to plan their time.

If the task is highlighted in bold, it means that it has an unread comment in it. After reading the comment, the highlighting of the task disappears.

Tasks with unread notifications