Task Lists

To quickly set up the start date, link to projects and workspaces, choose assignee, sort tasks by folders with dates using Drag&Drop first. For this purpose, choose task and drag cursor to the proper section.

Folders with dates

To focus only on those tasks, which need to be done today—set the start date. After clicking Tasks you automatically get to Today folder. If you plan to implement task tomorrow, in a week or later—move the task to an appropriate folder.

If you create tasks in Today folder—start date is automatically set to the current date. Tasks which start date is set to the current date or earlier are placed in this folder.

If you move the task to the Tomorrow folder, the start date is set to the day after tomorrow. If tasks move to Tomorrow folder, the start date is set to tomorrow.

After moving to the Next 7 days folder start date is set in a week. Upon the last date, tasks from this folder will automatically move to the Tomorrow folder. Start date of tasks moved to the Later folder is set in 8 days. The next day this task will be automatically transferred to the Next 7 days folder.

If you do not know when to start working on a task, move it to No date folder. In this case, if the start date and final date were set before, they would be cleared.

Sorting tasks by dates allow you to focus on relevant and current tasks. Move to the Tomorrow folder only if all tasks for today are implemented.

Projects and Workspaces

All projects you manage and all workspaces you are involved in are displayed in the Task list. If you want to quickly link a task to a project or workspace — create a task immediately in the appropriate project folder or workspace. In this case, tasks become to be linked automatically. You can also drag a task to a folder with a cursor. 

Please note: All current and complete tasks, which are owned or assigned by you, are displayed in the Projects folder and in workspace. This way you can always get access to the whole task list of your project.

To drag a task to a folder, use vertical scrollbar which is to the right of the folder list.

"Assigned to" Folder

While sorting tasks, you can decide to delegate it to a colleague using Drag&Drop. 

Choose an assignee in a pop-up window, which occurs immediately.


We need to assign the task to a project, to another person, and set the deadline to Tomorrow. To do this, drag the task into three different folders, one after the other:

  • into the Tomorrow folder, after which the deadline will be set to Tomorrow's date
  • then into the Assigned to folder, and select the responsible person
  • then into the folder of the desired project