How to create a project out of opportunity and customer card?

How to create a project out of opportunity

You can create a project connected to opportunity out of quick view panel or detailed page

Go to CRM application, open opportunity and create a project:

  • out of quick view panel. To open panel, click on opportunity name. Then click on “Create” button and choose the corresponding item in drop-down menu:

  • via detailed opportunity, page – go to detailed opportunity page via square with up arrow

  • further – in “project” subsection and click on “create project” button below work stage list

Upon creating project, name (1), description (2), budget (3) and customer (4) of opportunity are automatically linked to the project.

You can create only one project out of opportunity. To see what opportunities have projects commute to list view:

Below the name of the opportunities that project is created for, the relevant sticker will be displayed. Click on it and you will be moved to detailed project page to see all information on linked project.

Project creation out of customer card

A project can be created out of organization card or a contact card. Ways of creation are the same as with opportunities. You can add project

  • via quick view panel:

  • via detailed customer page:

Upon project creation, customer name will be linked automatically.