Linking the Project and the Workflow

In the project workflow, you can change milestones and tasks. At the same time, the changes made will not be applied to the workflow.

Editing the Milestones in the Project

Milestones can be changed on the main page of the project. To do this, switch to the stage for which you want to change the milestones (1) and switch to edit mode (2):

Here you can add a new milestone (1), change the order (2), or delete it (3). Save the entered data (4). Or, you can click on the milestone and change the necessary information on its page.

Modified and new milestones will be displayed on the workflow board in the project card.

Editing Milestones in the Project Workflow

When editing milestones in the project workflow, you can apply changes to all existing projects. This option appears after making any changes to the workflow if it already has any projects created by this workflow.

Task Editing

You can change or delete template tasks at the level of an individual project. The data of the project workflow will not be changed.

When editing the standard tasks in the project workflow, changes will be applied only to newly created tasks if you don't click on the "Apply changes to the existing projects".

Editing the Project Stages

You can change the stages only in the project workflow. Changes will be applied to all existing projects if you click on the corresponding option.