How to Manage Projects on Board

In the Project workflow section, the projects you added are displayed as kanban boards. Project stages are displayed as columns, and projects—as cards. The cards show the milestones of the stage where the project is located at the moment.

Kanban board projects is a convenient visual tool to track the progress of project work.

Here you can see at what stage any project is and what at each stage is done.

On the project board you can do the following:

  • switch between project types (boards) (1) and managers (assignees) (2):

  • to place prioritized projects higher—it will allow signifying what projects are needed to be done first of all:

  • to cross out performed work items.

  • to move project cards between stages and overlook what is completed on work stages and what is yet to be done.

To move cards from the left to the right (by stages) and above-below (by priority) move the arrow on empty card area, press left button and drag it to the place you need.

You can sort the procedure of data output of card projects and project boards. The method stays the same but the arrow has to be move on the project name.

If you have a few boards (less than five) all of them will be displayed on top of the page. To sort this boards, drag them horizontally.

If there are six or more boards, a drop-down list will appear in the top left corner. Here boards are sorted vertically.

Project cards are automatically moved to the next stage by default as all actions on stage are crossed out. If tasks are performed simultaneously on several stages, we recommend to switch off “automatically progress to the next project stage” in application settings.

For this purpose, open the System settings (1), go to Projects Main Settings (2), clear Automatically progress to next project stage checkbox (3) and save changes.

In every project card you can see the following data besides project items :

 project budget (1)assignee (2)project completion date (3);