What is the Difference Between Individual Project and Project Workflow?

A project workflow is a project that has a predefined structure, as well as a predetermined set of milestones and tasks. In a template project, changes in milestones and tasks are allowed, since there are no projects absolutely identical to each other in content. However, editing the stages in such a project is not available. The Project Board consists of stages, where it is convenient to track the progress of template projects.

An individual project is created in cases where it is impossible to define typical stages, milestones, and tasks of execution. They can be added later, after project creation.

You can edit/add milestones on the main page of the project on the Main tab. To do this, first, switch to the necessary stage (1), then click on the pencil icon in the section with milestones (2).

To edit milestones, click on its name. Here you can also delete a milestone (1), add a new one (2) and arrange the order of the milestones (3):

In a template project, milestones and tasks are edited and added in a similar way.

You cannot change or set new stages in a template project. This can be done only in the template itself. To do this, select the project template (1) and click the Edit projects template button (2):

In the opened sidebar, change the name of the existing stage (1), delete (2) or move it (3).

Scroll to the bottom of the page to create a new stage.

Please note, that changes to the stages will be applied to all current projects.

Where Can I Find Template Projects?

  • In the Project workflows section. Use a filter to view the projects of any specific workflow:

Projects in this section are displayed as cards in which you can see the milestones of the stage.

  • In the Projects List. Use the filter by stages and templates to quickly find a project:
  • In the Workload Board section:

Where Can I Find Individual Projects?

  • in the Project List. If you select Not set in the filter, only individual projects will be displayed:
  • on the Workload Board tab: