How to issue the project invoices?

The project invoices are created at the sidebar:

Or on the Project detailed page:

You can prepare as many invoices as you need.

In order for a project manager to create invoices for his project, he must have an access to the "Finance" app. To issue the invoices, he needs to have “Employee” access rights.

As a reminder, access rights for all applications can be assigned in the User List section of the user profile

Or in the Main System settings:

More about invoicing

After the invoice is issued, the project manager can send it to the client via e-mail for payment (1), share with client via direct external link (2) or print it (3).

By using the direct external link, the customer will be able to make a payment for the invoice, in case if there is no payment processing integration in place, or print it

On the project detailed page and in the list of all invoices the manager can track the status of invoices and remind the clients about the invoice payments on time.