Receiving Payments for the Project

Invoice payments in Flowlu can be recorded in different ways:

● be received automatically through the connected payment systems;

● be inserted manually. For example, when you receive cash, bank transfers. If you've received partial payment, you can record it as well;

● you can only change the invoice status to Paid if you do not plan to record any cash flow in Flowlu.

Please note: Users can record offline payments on their own. However, you can give the rights to make offline payments only to the administrator of the Finance app. It can be, for example, your accountant. In order to do this, deactivate this corresponding option in the main settings:

How to Track the Invoice Payments for the Project?

After receiving the online payment, the project manager gets a notification. In case the payment was made manually by the administrator of the Finance application, the manager will also get a notification and can immediately transfer the project into the project implementation stage.

The senior manager can track information about the incoming payments in the Finance application, in the Transactions section and in the financial statements. In that section, he can see the list of transactions recorded manually.

In the Projects List, you can see the percentage of invoices paid for each project, which is calculated on the basis of the project budget and payments made.