How to Add a Planned Project Payment?

There are several ways to create a project payments schedule. To add a payment, click on the corresponding button in one of the sections on the project page:

  • on the Main tab
  • In the Finance section  → Payments
  • In the Finance section  → Cash flow forecast

After that, the sidebar will open to create a payment:

It is enough to specify the name and the planned amount. All the fields listed below can be filled in later:

  • planned payment date. You can leave this field blank if the payment schedule has not yet been approved by the customer. Read below to find out how to specify the date in the payments list quickly.
Note: Payments without a date are not included in the cash flow forecast.
  • finance category. For example, the construction of a cottage, sauna. This will allow you to be aware of how much money has been received from each business unit.  
  • responsible person.
  • the project stage to which the payment relates. Specify it in the case if it is important to track payments by stage. 
  • CRM account—the project customer will be automatically filled;
  • attach a file if necessary. For example, price list or calculations.

If the amount is already paid, then check the box Paid. In the opened window, all payment data will be filled in:

  • change the organization’s bank account if it is different from the default one;
  • change the date if it is different from the current one;
  • change the amount of payment, if it differs from the planned.
Note: Organizations are created in the System Settings section → Finance → Organizations. And current accounts in the System Settings section → Finance → Bank Accounts.

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Save the entered data.

The recorded project payment will also be displayed in the Finance application, in the Money and Transactions tabs.

Find out more about recording the cash flow

Please note: In case of a partial receipt, the unpaid balance will be highlighted with a yellow indicator.

Changing the Planned Date in the Payments List

In the payments list, you can quickly specify or change the planned dates.

To do this, click on the appropriate field. The selected date will be saved automatically.

To delete a date, press the Backspace key: