Signing Up

Signing up for Flowlu is very simple and takes less than a second.

To create an account, click the Sign-Up button on the official website of Flowlu.

Enter the following information:

  • email — your email, where information on signing-up and system notifications will be sent to;
  • account name — for example, your company name. The link to your website will look like this:
  • password — it should not be less than 6 characters.

After successful signing up for Flowlu, you will get an email confirmation containing a link to your account and login details.

Let’s take a closer look at the main elements of the interface and fill in your personal profile. 

All employees, who are invited to your account, will be able to post regular messages, announcements, and polls in the Company feed.

The buttons for the system applications—Tasks, CRM, Projects, Knowledge Base, Reports, etc. are placed in the top right corner. Clicking Apps, you can go to the full list of applications to install new or delete unnecessary ones.

On the top panel, there is a “+” button which allows you to quickly create a task, an event, a project, an opportunity, new organization or contact, etc. Next to it, there is the button for a global search of information in the system.

In the top right corner, there are buttons for quick access to notifications, messenger, personal notes, online support and latest updates, personal profile and system settings.

Your tasks for today and the upcoming birthdays of your colleagues are displayed below.

If you prefer to take it all in visually, check out the video below to learn the basics.