How to register in Flowlu service via Google?

If you already have your Google account, service registration will take even less time. To create account follow registration link:
Click on “Sign in with Google”. If you have several accounts choose those you need to connect to your profile in Flowlu service.

After that come up with site name – for example, your company name may serve as one. Then link to your account will look the following way:

After successful registration in service link to your website will be sent to your e-mail.

All information you provided in Google account – e-mail, name – will be automatically displayed in your profile. 

Here with a password is not installed. You can set it up in your profile in “Change password” tab (2). Your password should not be less than 6 characters.

If needed you can change your information – name, and e-mail. You can make such changes in your profile settings. After that, you can sign-in by 2 ways - via e-mail and password or using “Sign in with Google” button.