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How to Use Several Company Accounts Under One User Account

Flowlu allows creating several accounts for different purposes. For example, you can create two accounts for two different organizations or register one account for business purposes and the other for personal purposes.

Creating an extra account is easy. You just have to type in a name of the portal. 

You will sign in using the same email and password. 

All notifications will be displayed in browsers and mobile applications from all of your accounts. To create a second account, press My Accounts button.

Click on Create Account button.

In the opened window, enter the portal name and click on the Create Account button. After that, you will be transferred to a new portal.

You will also receive an email containing the link for log into a new account.

Now you can enter your accounts using one email and password directly by portal URL or the following link: https://my.flowlu.com. After that, you will be able to select a company account. 

You can switch between accounts using My Accounts button.

Or you can work at several accounts simultaneously. If one of the accounts is closed, you will get notifications from this account in a browser or push notifications to your smartphone to stay informed.

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