System Settings

It takes just 5 minutes for the global system settings to make your Flowlu account to fit your company's preferences and needs.

The system settings section is available to portal administrators only. To get there, click on an avatar in the top right corner and go to the relevant tab.

You will be immediately moved to the Main settings section, where settings for the whole portal are set.

Here you can do the following things:

  • change the portal subdomain (1). Choose nice address which users will use to log in to the system;
  • configure the time zone. Just type the name of your city in this line (2);
Please note: Time zone settings are set here on all portal level. But every user can change the time zone in his profile settings (if, for example, he works from remote locations). In this case, he will see time period which is relevant for him.

You can also do the following actions in the system settings:

  • set the start day of the week and set the date and time format (3);
  • set the currency which will be automatically displayed by default in all system modules (invoices, transactions, opportunities, projects and other sections). Use line search by country name to find the currency you need. Here you can also choose a convenient currency format (4);  
  • if needed, turn off the e-mail notifications sent by the system. You will not get e-mails containing notifications on the chat messages, only notifications on password change (5).