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How to Delete a User

You can delete employees or just disable authorization to your portal. It's convenient if you often use freelancers as contractors or you need to grant temporary access to colleagues who you're working with on a project. See also: Client Portal.

Method #1. User Deletion

Go to My Team

Check the box next to the employee’s name, then click Delete from account

Please note: When you delete an employee account, all connected information (tasks, projects, contacts, invoices) is saved to Flowlu. But a user will not able to enter your portal using their account. If you decide to add them again, information and notes will be restored.

Method #2. Disable Authorization

Go to the User Management and uncheck the Allow Authorization box. After that, an employee will not be able to enter the Flowlu portal. All notes left by an employee will be saved. 

This option is better than deletion in a case when you want to see the task assignee, project manager, etc. but do not want this person to log into. 

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