Settings and Notifications

There are push-notifications in the browser, mobile pop-up notifications and e-mail notifications if they are enabled in your settings. To see the Notifications history, click on the button with a bell in the top menu bar: 

We have flexible notification settings in Flowlu, which make reviewing of the events much easier.

For example:

  • Reading notifications separately for each application. To do this setting, click on the gear sign and mark the checkboxes opposite those modules for which you want to see the notifications:

If you have any module notifications disabled, then you will see that you have unread notifications in the list of notifications:

  • Hiding read notifications. When this option is enabled, only unread messages will be displayed:
  • To mark a notification as read, click on any area in its window.
  • Disable the display of the individual notifications. In the settings, you can turn off alerts for some task changes.

How to Enable Email Notifications?

By default, all email notifications are disabled. If necessary, you can enable them in the notification settings:

Please note that email notifications are disabled by default, but you can always turn them on if you need them. This setting can only be set by the user. The administrator cannot set up the e-mail notification to any employee.