How to Remove Unused Apps

If you do not use a particular application (module), you can simply hide or delete them. For example, if you do need CRM and simply want to manage tasks and projects.  

Please note that there are basic and additional apps in Flowlu. In a nutshell, if you do not see a Uninstall button when clicking on a particular app, this app is basic and can only be hidden. 

How to Hide Basic Apps

The account administrator (super admin) can deny access to the basic system applications to individual users or everyone. The basic applications include CRM, projects, finance, calendar, tasks, documents, messenger, my team. Please note that you cannot remove the basic apps from your account. However, you can deny access to this app for every user, including yourself, so it won't show up in your account. This can be done in several ways.

Method #1. In the Application Settings

Go to the Apps section and select the application you want to hide. For example, CRM.

Go to the User Access Settings tab and deny access to everyone or the specific users. The changes will be saved automatically.

Method #2. In the User Profile

Go to My Profile (1) → Access Rights (2) and make the necessary changes. They will also be saved automatically.

How to Delete or Hide Additional Apps

You can uninstall additional apps or deny access to them for certain employees. The additional apps include Record Lists, Mind Maps, Knowledge Base, Project Issues, Workspaces, Products, Agile, Time Tracker, Email. 

To do this, go to the Apps section and select the application that you need to hide.

On the Access Rights tab, deny access to the employees. The changes will be saved automatically.

Or uninstall the application:

After that, hidden modules will not be displayed on the menu. 

For example, if you deny access to Finance, then this section will also be hidden in the Projects section. If you deny access to CRM, then the account column will not be displayed in the projects, tasks, etc.