How to remove unused applications?

If you do not use any applications, for your work convenience, you can hide or delete them.

Hiding the base applications

The system administrator can close access to the base system applications to individual users or to everyone. The base applications include CRM, projects, finance, calendar, tasks, documents, messenger, my team. This can be done in several ways.

Way 1. In the application settings

Go to the “Get More Apps” section and select the application you want to hide. For example, CRM.

Go to the "User Access Settings" tab and close an access to everyone or to the specific users. Changes will be saved automatically.

Way 2. In the user profile

Go to "My Profile" (1) → "Access Rights" (2) and make the necessary changes. They will also be saved automatically.

Setting access rights to applications in the user profile

To close an access to applications for any portal users, go to the list of users (1) → the user card (2) → "Access rights" tab (3).

Going  to the user card

Hide or uninstall additional applications

You can uninstall unused applications or close an access to them for certain employees.

To do this, go to the "Get More Apps" section and select the required application.

On the "Access rights" tab, close access to employees. Changes will be saved automatically.

Or uninstall the application:

After that, hidden modules or remote applications will not be displayed in the menu bar and in the objects of the system. For example, if you close access to the "Finance" module, then this section will also be hidden in the "Projects" section. If you close access to "CRM", then the account column will not be displayed in the projects, tasks, etc.

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