Webhooks are automated messages sent from an app when something happens, such as a task being created or a new contact being added. 

These messages are sent as an HTTP POST request to a unique URL. 

The webhooks let another app to be notified of changes made in Flowlu. For example, you can set up a webhook that will initiate a notification to be pushed to the specific endpoint each time a contact has been updated in your Flowlu account. 

When that request is received on the other end, this will invoke a custom action to automatically happen on another app.

Currently, Flowlu supports only outgoing webhooks. 

How to create a webhook 

1. To create a new webhook, go to the System Settings → Main Settings → Webhooks

2. Click Create in the top right corner.

3. In the opened window, enter the name (description) of a new webhook. 

4. Indicate the Endpoint URL.

5. Select an event which will trigger a webhook. 

6. Check Active option to activate the webhook.

You can click on a question mark sign to see the list of available fields.

7. Save.

To delete a webhook, click on a record to open its page and select Delete in the bottom right corner. 

For more information on how to configure webhooks in Flowlu, see our Developer Documentation