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How to Archive Users

Sometimes it happens that a person is no longer in your team and you want to delete them from your account and take away the access to company's portal. To not lose all important data related to your former employee, you can archive its account without losing any data. It will help restrict permission to the portal, so you can reassign tasks, projects, and other entities previously related to this user. 

How to Archive Users?

Go to the list of users in the My Team module and find the user you need to archive. Fill in the checkmark next to this user. If you need to bulk archive multiple users, mark all of them.

Then click the recycle bin icon on the bottom bar.

In the opened window, click the Archive button.

Done! The user is archived. 

Where to Find Archived Users

All archived users are arranged under the Archive tab in the My Team module.

You can unarchive the user by clicking the Unarchive button. All the entities related to the user will be saved, and access to the account will be restored as well.

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