Notification Settings

Flowlu provides you with flexible notification settings which make reviewing of the various updates much easier. 

Display only important notifications 

With this filter, you can display only those notifications where your reaction or action is required. If you have push notifications enabled, you will still receive them, but these notifications will not appear in your notification feed.

The color of the Notifications counter corresponds to the type of notification display you've selected. 

If you have only important notifications enabled, the Notifications counter will be highlighted in yellow. 

If all notifications are displayed, the number of unread notifications will be turquoise.

Reading notifications separately for each application

To do this, click on the gear sign and mark the checkboxes opposite those modules for which you want to see the notifications:

If you have any module notifications disabled, then you will see that you have unread notifications in the list of notifications:

Hiding read notifications 

When this option is enabled, only unread messages will be displayed:

To mark a notification as read, click on any area in its window.

Disable the display of the individual notifications 

In the settings, you can turn off alerts for any individual changes, for example in the Tasks module.