How to import data from CSV

You can import your data into Flowlu from a CSV file. The system allows you to choose the field matching. 

Important: Your list of data that you will import should be in CSV format. If you have Excel file please save it as CSV first


  • File format - only csv;
  • Preferred encoding is UTF-8 (the system recognises your encoding automatically if it's different);
  • Separator of fields (columns): direct - comma, but can also be: semicolon, space, vertical slash, colon;
  • It is desirable that the first line contains the name of your columns;
  • If you want the field to include the names of the responsible users, or the owners of the records, you need to fill in the field (column) and specify the user name (you can choose during setup);

Filed matching

On Field Matching step select corresponding field name in Flowlu. Please note that in case Flowlu does not have fields you need to import, you can create your own custom fields in System Settings > Custom fileds and select the entity you want to create fileds for. Please remember that you need to create these fields before you start the import.

You're able to import following filed types:

  • text;
  • boolean;
  • user;
  • number;
  • decimal (money, price);
  • date & date with time;

The following articles will help you with the import of specific data.

If you're unable to import (or can't find the import option, check Import module installation

Import module installation

Check that the Import module is installed in your account and your user has access to the module.

To do this, go to the Applications 

Next, check that the application is installed, and if the title is hasn't to the check mark, then you just have to install the application, click on Details -> install.

Following articles will help you to import a specific entities.

Contacts import  keyboard_arrow_right