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How to Import Payments/Expenses

To import payments/expenses/transfers, go to the Finance > Money and select the CSV import option.

Step #1. Import Settings

  • upload a file with the data (use the sample file as a reference); 
  • select the file encoding (we recommend setting the Auto-Detect option);
  • select the field separator for your file (the most frequently used is a comma);
  • if the first line in your file contains field names (titles), check the option;
  • check the box to create new categories if they are not found.

Step #2. Field Matching

As soon as the file is uploaded, an active Next button will appear at the bottom to the right of the window, click on it and go to the field matching settings.

If your file has been correctly recognized, then you will see blocks arranged horizontally, each of which corresponds to a column in your file.

Next, select the Flowlu field in which the field data of the imported file will be written, if you want to skip the field, then select the skip option.

If you see a different picture, then the file was not recognized correctly — check the the field separator selected on step 1. If you cannot solve the problem, please contact our support by email support@flowlu.com or via the support chat.

After setting the field matching, click Next.

When the revenues/expenses are successfully imported, you will see a confirmation page. Then, you can proceed to work with payments/expenses/transfers.

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