Comments are an essential part of any effective communication within the company. In comments, employees can leave their notes to tasks, projects, etc., discuss work-related matters, attach files, as well as ask their colleagues for assistance.

In Flowlu, you can comment almost on any item in the system. Just click on the "Write a message" field and enter the text. Attach the file to the comment, if needed. You can also set the formatting for your comments. The editor toolbar is hidden by default. To open the editor toolbar, press the "Aa" symbol in the bottom right corner. The system will remember your preferences. The next time you click on the "Write a message" field, the toolbar will be already maximized.

With the editor toolbar, you can make your text bold or italic, apply strike-through formatting, add a numbered or bulleted list, paste code or quotation.

We also recommend using keyboard shortcuts to save more time and improve your efficiency.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Remove formatctrl+shift+m⌘+shift+m
Redoctrl+y shift+ctrl+z⌘+y shift+⌘+z
Numbered listctrl+shift+7⌘+shift+7
Bulleted listctrl+shift+8⌘+shift+8

You can also paste an image from the clipboard or a link to an image or GIF animation into your comment.

When you’re ready, just click the "Send" button or press Ctrl+Enter.

You can always edit or delete a comment by clicking on the three dots button in the upper right corner of your comment (1):

You can also copy the link to a comment or its reply. Send the link to your teammates in the chat and they will instantly see the necessary comment. There is no need to scroll the comment feed searching the required information. To copy the link to the comment, click the paper clip button in the upper right corner of your comment (2).

In addition, you can "like" any comment or its reply to support your colleague. The "like" icon and the information about the number of users who have "liked" the comment will appear below.

Only the last three comments are displayed in the system. To download the full list of comments, press the “Load All Comments” button.


You can reply to any comment in the system by clicking on the corresponding icon in the right corner and start the discussion.

Write a text message, tag a user, if needed, and press Ctrl+Enter or click the "Send" button.

The number of responses, as well as the time and date of the last response are displayed under each comment.

In the system, the user will be notified on each comment in various modules as long as he/she is an assignee for the task, event participant, opportunity owner, CRM module administrator, Agile project manager or reporter of the issue, assignee of the invoice or estimate, member of the project team, or have received an announcement in the company feed. If you want the user to be notified from any system module or item, regardless of whether they are involved in the project, task and so on, please read on to find out more on mentions.

Comment Display Settings

You can easily set up a comment order or thread display in every system module (projects, tasks, CRM, etc). Click on the three dots in the bottom right corner of the comment box and set up the following:

  • comment order: newest comments at the top or oldest comments at the top.
  • threads: always collapsed or expanded by default.
  • whether the comment box is fixed on scroll or not.