Status of estimates

You can filter the list of estimates by the following statuses:

● Draft - estimate is created, but not sent to the customer yet

● Sent

● Accepted or declined

● Invoiced

● Expired - if the estimate validity date is already expired or if there is still no reply from the customer, therefore it is not in the status of "Accepted", "Declined" or "Invoiced".

An example of using filters. Manager Jones at the end of the month needs to check which estimates the customer is still considering. One by one he selects the statuses "Draft", "Sent" and "Expired" in the filter. Jones pays attention to these estimates: sends reminders, negotiates. If necessary, changes the list and cost of services or goods. In case of client acceptance, he converts it to an invoice

The sales director can check if the managers have any whether abandoned estimates. To do this, he needs to select the status of estimate  Sent and manager name in the filter