Managing Invoices

Specify information in the invoices about goods and services, set discounts and shipping costs, specify terms and conditions, browse invoice history and details using various functions of Flowlu. In this section, we will explain to you what data can be entered and viewed in the invoice.

1. Select the payer. When creating an invoice, select the payer (account from CRM). If you do not find it in the directory when typing the account name, you can create it here.

If the invoice is created from the account, transaction or project card with a specified customer, the payer will be pre-filled automatically.

2. Select organization. If you have several organizations, the system will offer you to select the appropriate one.

3. Select the invoice print form. If you have several invoice print forms, the system will also offer you to select the appropriate one.

4. Indicate manager. If the invoice is issued not by a responsible person, but, for example, by an accountant, you need to change the manager. He will receive notifications about all changes in the invoice: received payments, comments etc.

5. If necessary, change the invoice date and payment terms. The due date is set up automatically, depending on the Organization settings.

6. Indicate the type of price list.

7. Select the additional options that you want to use in the invoice: discounts, taxes, transportation costs or adjustments.

8. Enter items from the catalogue. Specify their:

  • quantity (1). It can be a fractional number.
  • price of product or service (2). The price specified in the Products app will remain the same.
  • taxes (3). Taxes are calculated automatically, but you can change them. At the same time, the tax rate initially indicated in the organization's settings will remain the same.
  • discounts (4). The discount amount is indicated in percentage terms or currency.

9. If you have selected Shipping charges or Adjustment to be displayed in the invoice, then specify in appropriate fields the required amount.

In the Adjustment line, you can adjust the total amount of the invoice due to rounding, changes in the exchange rate or order size. If the invoice amount needs to be changed in the negative direction, then it is necessary to put a minus sign before it. For example -1200

10. If necessary, modify or add the text of the invoice payment terms and conditions.

Save the invoice. Now you can send it for payment to the client.

Invoice Page

Let's analyze now what operations are available in the created invoice and what is the purpose of these operations:

  • record a payment (1);
  • open in a new window (2);
  • copy the invoice direct link to be sent to the client (3). After receiving the direct link, the client will see all available payment methods; pay online and will be able to print or save the invoice in PDF;
  • send the invoice to the client’s e-mail or mark it as Sent (4);
  • modify (5);
  • when you press the button with three vertical dots, you can download, print, duplicate or delete the invoice (6)
  • To the right side of the invoice, you can:

    • Find out whether the invoice was sent and to whom (1);
    • Change the invoice date and due date (2);
    • Check which transaction or project the invoice is linked to or from which Estimate it was converted (3);
    • change the manager (4);
  • change or add the contact data of account or your organization (5) 
  • add comments and attach files to them. The invoice manager will be notified about the new message in the invoice (6)
  • By default, the Payer contacts are generated from the Account card from Additional tab:

    If the contact data were not filled before, it can be added on the page of the created invoice:

    The information specified here will be automatically saved in the Account card.

    Transactions Tab

    Here you can see information about the invoice transactions. This is especially relevant if the invoice was paid in instalments or if an advance payment was made. Thanks to this tab, you will be aware of which financial transactions were made and when.

    The manager is always aware of all the updates on the invoice. He receives notifications about:

    • invoice approval;
    • new comments;
    • receiving of payment;
    • any changes in payment data.

    All notifications are sent to the browser and to the mobile device (if a mobile application is installed). The list of the most recent notifications can be viewed by clicking on the bell icon at the top menu panel.

    Please note: If there is at least one invoice transaction created, invoice editing is not available.

    History Tab

    Here you can see information about all invoice transactions:

    • when the invoice was created;
    • if there were any changes in invoice amount;
    • when the payment was made.