Distribution of payments into multiple invoices

  1. In the "Money" section, click on the "Payment" button.
  2. In the opened sidebar, specify:
  • the account;
  • the organization and bank account from which the invoices were issued;
  • assignee – the one who creates the transaction is selected. Can be changed if necessary;
  • the amount of received payment;
  • document number, the bank charges (if necessary).

  3. Distribute the amount into invoices.

  • A single transaction line will automatically be created in the payment document. Click on the "Invoice" button next to it (1).

All unpaid invoices of the account specified in the payment document will be displayed in the list. Select the desired invoice, after that its payment amount will be displayed.

  • In the "Inflow" column the amount specified in the payment document (2) will be automatically pre–filled. Change it to the invoice payment amount or use the button "Pay in full" (3) to fill out automatically. If necessary, you can also make a partial payment on the invoice.
  • To create a transaction with a link to another invoice, click the “Add New Row” button (4).
  • During the distribution of payments, you can immediately specify the financial category (5). Or you can do it later in list of payment documents.

Save the entered data. After that, the status of the invoices will change to “Paid” or “Partially Paid” in case if not the entire amount has been recorded. This can be seen in the invoice list:

Transactions created for different invoices will appear in the “Money” section:

In the «Transactions» section:

And in the transactions themselves, in the “Transactions” tab:

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