How to View Events in the Calendars?

In one click you can disable or activate the necessary calendars for viewing events and event-free time. This is especially necessary when you have many calendars connected and it gets difficult to view all the events at once.

Activating the calendar to display events

The system will save your choice and the next time you log in, it will display all the calendars that you have connected.

To quickly see the events of any specific calendar, click to the right of its name on three vertical dots and in one click clear filters from all calendars:

How to Display Joint Events on a Separate Calendar

Any employee can invite you to participate in any joint event: meeting, stream, or conference. After you agree to participate in this event, it is displayed by default in your personal calendar. For convenience, you can display joint events on a separate calendar.

To do these settings, you first need to create a new calendar. Then click on the gear in the upper right corner:

And choose in which calendar you want to display events you have been invited to: