How to Create Event For Opportunity

You can schedule an event for your opportunity such as a meeting, negotiations, a call, a presentation, etc. In Flowlu, all events are stored in the opportunity record, the contact/organization record, and are also displayed in your calendar. With the reminders, all planned events will be completed on time. A list of events will show the history of activities for the opportunity and the client.

Create an Event

You can create an event in the following ways:

  • in the opportunity record. Go to CRM → Opportunities, open the necessary opportunity and click on the Create Event:
  • in the Flowlu mobile app. Go to CRM → Opportunities and click on the name of the appropriate opportunity.

Expand the top menu and click on Events:

Enter Event Information 

After you click on the Create event button, specify the following information in the opened sidebar:

  • Event Type (1)
  • Name (2)
  • Start and end date (3)
  • Location (4)
  • If necessary, invite participants (5). After the event is saved, the invited participants will receive a notification and will be able to confirm or decline to participate.
  • Set the reminder (6). You can set a reminder for a certain number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks. The reminder comes to all participants of the event as push notifications in the browser and in the smartphone. The number of reminders is unlimited, for example, you can set reminders for several days, one day and one hour before the event.

When creating an event on an opportunity, you can also:  

  • select the Flowlu calendar or Google Calendar (7) if you have them synced.
  • specify the colour for the event (8)
  • select status—busy or available (9)
  • customize the privacy of the event (10)
  • add event description (11)
  • if the account is specified in the opportunity, it will automatically be linked to the event (12)
Find out more: creating an event.

To save the data, click Save or Enter.

Opportunity Scheduled Events

All scheduled events are displayed:

  • in the Calendar app;

At the event page, you will see which opportunity is planned:

  • in Google Calendar, if you have it synced;
  • in the opportunity > Activities:
  • In order not to miss the scheduled event on the opportunity check the color indicators on the opportunity board.

How to Complete an Event?

To close a past event, just open it and mark it as completed.

After that, it will have the activity status — Completed.