Creating Opportunities From Email

This method will solve the problem of an mailbox overload with messages from different forms of feedback. Due to this functionality, messages will not be lost anymore and will be processed by your managers on time.

You can set up the import of client messages to CRM opportunities from any form of feedback, where the option of sending the notifications to email is available. These can be web forms on the website, order forms in the online store, online consultants, or callback widgets.

For opportunities to be automatically created from emails — in the settings of a form, specify an email of a sales funnel, which is generated automatically in the system.

If you already created the sales funnel, then go to System SettingsCRMEmail to Lead. There, you can see the automatically generated email addresses for each sales funnel.

Copy the email address from the funnel and paste it into the notification settings of the application form, online consultant and any other applications. Now all applications will be created as opportunities in CRM in that sales funnel, the email of which you indicated.

Example of Settings of Forwarding Emails to Opportunities From Gmail

1. In the settings, go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and add the forwarding address.

2. An opportunity record will be created on the board, which will contain the confirmation code.

3. Specify it and add the forwarding address. Do not forget to save changes.