How to Set Up Forwarding Specific Types of Emails From Gmail

If you receive different types of customer applications to the same email, you need to distribute them to different sales funnels, and some applications should not even be sent to CRM — then, you need to set up a filter for forwarding the incoming messages.

Let's take as an example setting up the sending of the output of Google form to CRM opportunities.

Step 1. Set Up Notifications on Completing the Form

  • Go to the Google form page, to the Responses tab (1)
  • Click on the button with three dots (2)
  • Activate the Get email notification for new responses option (3)

After activating this option, the creator of Google form will receive the notifications to his email address about completing the survey form.

The subject line of the letter will look like this: Your form, "Form name", has new responses. The sender's address will look like this:

Step 2. Set Up Forwarding Notifications to the Email Address of the Sales Funnel

Most likely the results of the survey responses are not the only messages that come to the email address of the Google form creator. Therefore, you need to set filters to send only these results to the CRM opportunities.

For this:

  • Go to the email with the result of filling out the Google form.
  • Expand the menu by clicking on the button in the upper right corner or the More button, and select Filter messages like this.
  • Check the sender email address (1)
  • Specify the exact subject of the email (2)
  • Go to the filter creation (3)

Select (if you already have one) or add the sales funnel address. In you want to know how to get it, please read the instructions Automatic creation of opportunities.

Please note that after you add the forwarding email address, you have to confirm it. To do this, go to the specified sales funnel and find the email forwarding confirmation.

  • Activate Forward it to option and create a filter.

Step 3. Test the Automatic Creation of an Opportunity

For the test, fill out the Google form and make sure that after the form is sent to CRM, an opportunity is created.

Now you will not have to worry about the timely processing of opportunities. Also, you do not have to create them manually. Managers will see an application on the board and contact the potential client.

You can also set up filters to get other types of messages to the appropriate sales funnel.