Automatic Opportunity Creation

Flowlu allows you to automate the process of generating the opportunities. Thanks to this, there will be no queries lost and all of them will be processed on time. Before proceeding to settings, you must have created one or more sales funnels. Applications from the web forms or e-mails are created in the form of an opportunity in a specific funnel.

There are 3 ways to create opportunity generation:

1. Ready-made web forms that you can install on your website. The output of filling in the CRM will create an opportunity. For each funnel, you need to set up an individual web form. To do this, you just need to copy the HTML-code of the web form and paste it onto the website.

2. Set up forwarding of messages to the system from any e-mail. For each funnel, a special e-mail is generated. You can set up automatic notifications to the e-mail for all applications, which has an option of creating such notifications. It can be any online consultants, callback widgets, web feedback forms, order forms in the online store and more.

3. Technical specialists can set up a collection of opportunities from any other system using API.