How to create a mind map

To create a mind map in the system you need only three steps.

Step 1. Install the application "Mind Maps".

Go to the Get More Apps section and select the appropriate application:

Click the "Install" button:

After installing the application, the window for creating a map will open, and the "Mind maps" section will appear in the menu.

You can open access to this application only to certain employees. You can do this in the Get More AppsMind MapsUser Access Settings section:

This can also be done in the profile of a specific user.

Going to the user profile

Granting access rights

Step 2. Сreating a map

You can import a previously created mind map from XMind 8 Pro. To do this, go to the application Mind maps and click on the appropriate button.

  • To add a map in Flowlu, click on the Create button.
  • In the sidebar that opens, enter the map name (1) and description (2). If necessary, immediately open access using the external link (3).
  • Click Save or Enter.
  • Write the keynote or theme in the center and create a branch using the Enter key.
  • To create a subsection, select the desired section with the mouse and press Tab key. Also, a new section and subsection can be created by opening the menu with the right click button.

With this menu you can:

  • change the name, description of the section;
  • add an icon for visualization;
  • determine the priority;
  • reflect the progress;
  • delete a section or subsection.

To quickly change the name of a mind map section, double–click it with the left mouse button:

To quickly open the edit page of the item, double–click with the left mouse button behind the area with the title:

Any section can be attached to any subsection, simply by dragging to the necessary place:

Example of dragging of the section “Notes” to the section “Info”

Section “Notes” moved to the section “Info”

To focus on a specific section of the mind map, you can collapse subsections by clicking on "+":

For each element, you can add a description, comments or files. To do this, click on the desired element with the right click button and click the "Edit" button. Alternatively, you can double–click with the left mouse button behind the area with the element title. In the sidebar that opens, fill in all the necessary information and click the Save button or the Enter key.

To add a new sheet for creation additional maps of related topics, click on the "+" at the bottom of the page:

To edit the name, description of the mind map or delete it, click on the three dots in the lower right corner:

Step 3. Granting access for collaborative editing

In order for your staff to be able editing the mind map on an equal basis with you, you need to add observers.

To do this, click on the name of the map from the list.:

And add observers:

After that, they will be able to edit the map. If necessary, here you can give an access using the external link (1) and send it for viewing to any person (2).

When the map is created, you can export it and open it in XMind 8 Pro. The export button is located to the right of the Go To Edit button:

How to proceed to map editing?

You can go to editing from the mind maps list. To do this, you need to point at the name and click on the button with the arrow:

Or you can click on the name of the map and go to edit:

How to delete a mind map?

To delete a mind map, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the map page:

You can also delete a map from the general list of mind maps. The trash icon will appear when you hover over on the map name:


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