Mind maps

Mind maps is a tool for thoughts visualization and demonstration of the connections between them. With the help of mind maps, you can plan projects and seminars, develop business strategies and content plans, run brainstorms, and solve any other creative tasks.

Flowlu mind maps is a convenient and modern tool for teamwork. You can give an access to it to your employees for collaborative map creation, editing, and discussion. An external link will allow you to share a mind map with any person. For each item on the map, you can add descriptions and comments, record execution progress and priority level, set icons. All this allows you to make your map more visual and meaningful. Flowlu mind maps can be uploaded and downloaded from XMind 8 Pro, allowing you to use the capabilities of both systems.

By using mind maps at your work you can:

  • fit a large amount of information in the visual form;
  • perceive all the necessary information easier and faster.

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