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Adding and Editing Block in the Organizational Structure

To add a new block, click on the Add button.

If you already have a block and want to create a new one, related to the parental block, click the three-dot button on the parental block and click the Add button.

Each block consists of six fields:

  1. Block name. Here you specify the name of a department, office, or division.
  2. Parental block. Here you need to pick the block to which a new block will be hierarchically related.
  3. Position. Position of all employees related to the block.
  4. Number. Identification number of the position.
  5. Employees. All team members with the same position.
  6. Description. Any text to describe the block, position details, etc. Here you can also define the main tasks of the department and goals.

Note that one employee can handle more than 1 role because he carries multiple responsibilities.

Not all fields need to be filled. For example, if you’re simply adding a new employee to the department, it's not necessary to fill in the “name” field.

To edit an already created field, click the three-dot button on it and go to the Edit tab.

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