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Task Templates

Task templates allow you to add similar tasks at two clicks with the predefined description, checklist, assignee, and deadlines. 

Creating task templates is available to all users of your account. You can give access to your template to everyone or only to the specified teammates.

How to Create a Task Template

Go to the TasksTemplates and click Create.  

In the task template, you can configure the following preferences:

  • Mark as Favorite (1). Use this option if you do not want to display all the task templates you have created in the menu. Then, when clicking on the button next to the Create a Task, only the selected templates will be displayed. Other templates will be stored on the All Templates page.
  • Give access to the template to everyone or only to specific users. These users will be able to create tasks for this template.
  • Add a title, description, checklist, files, assign the priority.
  • Add the assignee (1), collaborators (3) and followers (4). You can immediately assign the task assignee and add collaborators. As a result, next time, when creating a task for this template, the task assignee/collaborators will be assigned automatically.
  • Assign the owner (2) on behalf of whom the tasks for this information.
    Please note: When the user creates a task and assigns as the owner another person, the owner receives a notification that the task was created on their behalf. The notification displays information about who created the task and to whom the task is assigned.
  • Indicate the deadlines. In order to automatically set the start and end dates when creating a template task, specify the dates in the appropriate fields.

If you enter “0” in the Start Task field, the start date for the task execution will be equal to the actual date of the task creation.

If you usually create the tasks in the evening, then enter “1” in the Start Task field. As a result, when creating a task, the task start date will be automatically set for the next day.

If you leave the field blank, then the start date will not be set up.

In the column Deadline, specify how many days are required to complete this task. If you enter “1”, Flowlu automatically calculates and sets the deadline on the next day from the date the task has started. If the start date is not specified in the template—then on the next day from the actual date of the task creation.

If you enter “0”, then the task end date will be the same as the task creation date.

In the template, you can also set up the recurrence parameters for the task to be automatically created at the specified time with a certain recurrence interval. Read more: How to create a recurring task.

To see more options, go to the pages Other and Custom Fields.

  • Link to the Related project, CRM account, Task list. Fill these fields out if you want the task to be automatically linked to them.
  • Enter the data to the custom fields. If you use custom fields, then you can also fill them out for the task template.
  • Add tag if needed.
  • How to Create Task from Template

    1. Task creation form.

    When adding a task anywhere in the account (via "+" in the top sidebar menu, in the opportunity, project, contact, organization, workspace), you can select the appropriate template. If the task is added within the opportunity, project, workspace, contact, organization, then the link to them will be automatically added.

    2. From the task template list.

    Creating a template task is also available from the task template list. To do this, go to the All Templates page:

    And click on "+" to create a template task:

    3. Task template page.

    All tasks created by the template will be displayed in the template on the Tasks tab. 

    Editing the Template

    Task templates can be edited at any time. At the same time, previously created template tasks will not be affected.

    The main fields can be edited inline. For example deadlines, description, checklist.

    Task template can be changed from the list view. 

    You can change the task assignee or the task owner when editing the template.

    If you delete the template, all previously created tasks by that template will be saved.

    Template Access Rights

    Your task template will only be visible to those users whom you give access to. At the same time, users with an Employee access level to the Tasks app will not be able to edit your template. Modifying a template is available to the creator and administrators of the Tasks app only.

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