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The Tasks module allows you to organize collaborative work, delegate tasks, monitor the progress of your team and deadlines.

Flowlu task management is designed in such a way that no task will be ever missed out. After the assignee completes the task, the task owner receives a notification. This person can evaluate the work performed: accept it or require changes. You can also track the estimated and actual time for tasks and assess the resources and team performance.

The Tasks module allows multiple views for tasks, including GTD to-do list, Kanban board and a list view for All Tasks. It also includes Task Templates section, which stores your team's tasks templates and recurring tasks.

To-Do List

This section is inspired by David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology. Here you can find all the tasks where you're the assignee, owner, or a collaborator. This task view allows you to easily allocate tasks by folders based on their deadlines, relation and assignees. Learn more.

Kanban Board

Under Kanban Board tab, you can manage your tasks on a board and instantly see their progress. You can select which board to display depending on the task workflows. You can move tasks between stages by simply dragging them. You can also apply filters to show only specific tasks. Click "Quick Add" to quickly add a task to the board. You can also create a new task by clicking on "Create" in the top right corner. 

List View

The list lets you view your own and team's tasks (only for Tasks admins). You can customize the columns, change the sorting and apply filters. This view also allows you to bulk edit or delete the tasks. You can create a new task here by clicking on "Create" in the top right corner. 

You can also import the tasks from a CSV file by clicking on the three-dot button. 

To export the task to a CSV, click the export button.

Task Templates

This section includes all the task templates and recurring tasks added by your team. Here you can easily add new templates. You can also select between displaying only your own templates or all templates at once. You can add a new template by clicking on the Create button. 

Before you start working with the tasks, please make sure to check out the Tasks settings.

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