The Tasks application allows you to organize collaborative work, delegate tasks, monitor the work of your team and deadlines.

This section brings together all the tasks that are related to you. These are personal or delegated tasks, tasks you observe, etc. Distributing tasks into the folders will help you to quickly navigate in the large to-do lists, easier and more efficiently manage tasks and focus on the important ones at a given time.

You can work together with you team on the tasks: add collaborator and exchange comments or files.

Working on the tasks is designed in such a way, that no task will be overlooked. After the assignee performs the task, the task owner receives a notification. The task owner can evaluate the work: accept it or send it for revision.

Setting the planned time and recording the actual time for performing tasks allows you to evaluate the time costs and staff performance.

This chapter contains all the information on working with tasks and reports.

Task list

Task board in a project