How to Archive or Delete Project

You can archive a project in one of the following ways:

  • from the project board (Project Workflows)—press on three-dot button in top right card corner and choose appropriate field:
  • from the project page — click on the button with three vertical dots and select Archive.

After that, the project page will display the date this project was archived.

Note that the financial information (actual and planned payments) for archived projects are displayed in the report Planned cashflow/Actual cashflow. Next to the type of project, the corresponding mark is displayed. This way, if the project has been completed, but not all payments have been received, you can move it to the archive and continue to track the payments.

How to restore the project

Archived projects are stored in the Reports app:

You can restore the project at any moment of time. For this purpose, open it (press on the project name):

To delete several projects, you need to open the Archive, check projects you need to delete and press the Delete button.