How to Hide Finances in Projects?

You can completely hide the finances in the projects, if you do not plan to issue invoices, calculate the expenses, track the budget and the cost limits. Alternatively, you can hide only the payment stages and project expenses.

To disable these options, go to System Settings (1) → Projects (2):

More About Settings

Use finance in projects. If you disable this option, then all project financial information will be hidden. Namely:

  • the option to set a budget and limit for projects during creation;
  • Payment and Expenses widgets on the main page of the project;
  • a list of payments and expenses on the main page of the project;
  • Finance tab.

Project Expenses. Disabling this option will hide the option for project expenses recording. Namely:

  • Expenses widget on the main page of the project;
  • Expenses tab in the Finance section;
  • the option to set a cost limit.

Project Payments. Disabling this option will hide the option to add payments on the project page.

Deactivate this option if you plan to issue invoices and record the project payments through them.

How to Hide Finance Section from the Manager

If necessary, you can hide the project finances only from managers who have access to all project data. When closing access to the Finance module, the manager will not be able to issue invoices, will not see the budget, payments, and expenses for all projects.

Go to the settings of the Finance application, in the Users and Roles tab and close access to the employee.

Read more about project access rights in our instruction.