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Access Rights: Projects

The access rights for employees are assigned in the Portal Settings → Projects → Main Settings. Go to the settings through by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right corner:

The access rights for each employee are set in the Users Access Settings tab:

You can deny access to the app to any employee or appoint him/her as an administrator, project manager or employee. If you deny the access to the projects to any specific employee, this item will not be displayed on his menu. Also, he/she will not be able to enter the projects by a direct link.


Administrators have full access to all projects of the company. They see all the information both on their own and on others’ projects. Administrators can create new projects or modify, archive and delete existing projects (including projects created by other users).

Project Managers

Project managers, like administrators, can create projects. However, they have full access only to those projects in which they are managers. To the projects in which they are only participants, they have limited access.

In Others' Projects, Project Managers Can:

  • view all tasks, leave comments on them and create new ones;
  • view the Gantt diagram, but not edit it;
  • leave comments, notes;
  • create issues on projects;
  • upload, download, delete documents.

In Others' Projects, Project Managers Cannot:

  • see financial information (budget and costs);
  • edit the project, delete it, or send it to the archive;
  • change the project team;
  • enter data into the Gantt chart (view-only mode);
  • move the project card on the board from stage to stage or change the stage on the detailed project page;
  • cancel the completed work items.

In addition, managers do not have access to the Workload Board section.

The user can only become a project member when the responsible manager or administrator adds him/her to the Project team.

In the Portal Settings → Projects → Main Settings, you can give managers access to view all projects:

If this option is not active, then the manager in the projects, on the board, in the archive sees only his/her projects and those in which this person is a participant. If the option is active, the manager will be available to view all projects, including those in which he/she is not a participant. In such projects, the manager will be able to perform the same actions as the participants.


Employees cannot create, modify the projects, archive or delete them. Employees have access only to the projects in which they are participants. In the projects, they can view all tasks, view Gantt chart, upload/download/delete documents, and add new tasks, notes and comments. They cannot view financial information (budget and costs), change the project stage and cancel the completed work items.

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