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Converting an Estimate Into an Invoice

After the estimate is approved by the customer, go to the Estimate page. Click the Convert to Invoice button. The invoice creation page will open with all the information from the estimate. You will only have to save it.

After saving the invoice, the status of the estimate will change to the Invoiced.

You can convert one estimate into the invoice unlimited number of times. For example, if the payment will be split into several payments. When you create invoice over and over again, you will see an appropriate notification. Click OK and create another invoice:

You can find information on the invoices from the estimates on Estimate page and in the list of estimates.

If the estimate was already accepted by the customer, but creating an invoice is planned later or if your business process involves creating an invoice with different items, then you can mark it as accepted. This will let you not to forget that the cost and the services are confirmed with the customer. To change the status of estimate on its page, click the button with three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

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