How to Send an Estimate to a Customer?

You can send the estimate to the client in several ways:

1. sending to the client e-mail and using the nice letter template.

2. sharing a direct link to the estimate preview.

3. printing or saving the estimate in PDF.

Sending via an Email

The message template is set by default. You can edit it in the section System SettingsOrganizations. Use variables to auto-select the client name, organization name, estimate validity dates, and so on.

When sending, select/add the recipient or recipients. If necessary, change the text of the letter.

Sending estimate via e-mail

After sending to e-mail, the estimate status will change to Sent.

Please note: The recipient of the estimate can respond to the received letter. The user who sent the letter will receive an answer to his e-mail.

Sending via a Direct Link

To share a direct link to an estimate, mark it as sent:

After that, a direct link appears, which you can copy and send to the client.

The customer will be able to see the offer through the direct link, if necessary print it or save it to PDF.

Printing and Saving in PDF

You can print or save the estimate through the button with three vertical dots in the upper right corner.

Do not forget to mark the estimate as sent after that.